AAMLS 2017

Scientific Reunification:
From Basic to Cutting-edge Medical Laboratory Sciences

September 22 (FRI) ??24 (SUN), 2017

About us We' re here as a public health guard,
and ready for the
brilliant future together with you


The Korean Association of Medical Technologists

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We’re here as a public health guard,
and ready for the
brilliant future together with you.

Welcome. I’m the president of 25th KAMT, Man-gil Yang.

KAMT has had a history for over 50 YEARS. KAMT was founded
on October 14, 1962 based on the principles of “speediness and
accuracy, academic research, rights and interests improvement”.
When we started in 1962, there were just 591 members of this
association. And now the number of members has increased to
about 50,000 in 2015.

President of KAMT
Mang-Gil Yang, Ph D

Our association is growing thanks to your interest, support, advice and criticism. The purpose of this 25th executive board of director is to be the association you can all be proud of through communication and interaction with members. Well keep that in mind. To do that, we’ll make an effort to put our vows into action and do our best to communicate and harmonize with you all in return for the trust and responsibility you give us.

Our association is currently working on some projects including internal and external status augmentation improvement business of medical technologists, policy establishment for institution’s rights and interests protection, education business, research supporting business, member management business and so on with ”We can do it! Just do it!” philosophy.

We have been expanding our business field and creating employment opportunities through activities that create new jobslike the certified medical inspection association surveyor, infection management medical technologist, medical appliance quality manager etc.,and active exchange with ASCP and other organizations abroad.

We are strengthening the position as health care professional by settling the system of specialized medical technologist and being asked advice from government agency in national health emergencieslike the swine flu epidemic and the spread of ebola virus. The journal of "Korean society for clinical laboratory science” was selected as acandidate for registration to "National Research Foundation of Korea” in 2014. It ensured our member’s achievement of academic research and ability recognized.

In line with this effort, we provide the central association itinerant education and cyber continuing-education for evaluation of medical examination institution to serve small and medium-sized hospital employees. Additionally, we are doing national prestige enhancement business and strengthening academic exchange relationship through international exchange with national and public related organizations. We successfully held IFBLS international meeting in September 2006. In addition, we are giving our members help in business for protection and improvement of member’s rights and interests andbusiness for the academic promotion and encouraging the participation to various training programs and international symposiums through international exchange with JAMT, TAMT, SAMLS, AAMLS, IFBLS and ASCP. Also, we will host the congress of AAMLS in 2017.

As we get into the aging society, domestic and global healthcare industry and bio-industry are rising as the new growth power. In that respect, as a health professional, the medical technologist’s activity boundaries are unlimited and our growth potential is endless.

We are now at the center of this circumstance above with a lot of broad understanding ability and deep knowledge about clinical cases as well as practical skills background. We would never hesitate to provide full and comprehensive support to you for your growth and advancement.

The center or nucleus of this association is you, all members. This association exists for you.
Feel free to tell us anything you want.